Akasha´s Chair-Bound

  • 9:34 minutes
  • HDTV

Akasha was just able to recover a little from the ballgag. -

It was extremely uncomfortable and slowly you would like to have your freedom back. - No, no that is far from planned! -

It is now also tied at the knees, which does not make the whole position on the chair more comfortable. A black collar now complements her outfit. Her bound breasts are highlighted by the tight ropes. -

The Boundmaster has disappeared briefly and that does not suggest anything good. -

Back with a bitgag nothing is closer to him than to place it in Akasha's mouth. She is of course not happy about it and starts drooling and getting rid of this thing at the same time. -

"Get away with this gag because I'm getting really pissed off now!"

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