Bella chained to the cool wall

  • 5:38 minutes
  • HDTV

Well Bella, you got madly wrong! - Schoolgirl Roxxxi has had an open bill with Bella for a long time. -

Always stretch out the guys she also had a crush on. - This can not go on like this! -

It just happened again and this time Roxxxi does not miss the chance for revenge! - Bella is lured into the school basement and received by our small, dominant Roxxxi. - "So, you little freaky! Now is my time!" - Before Bella knows, she is anchored to the wall with chains and your treatment can begin. - Once Roxxxi has had her fingers, don't let her forget that quickly. -

After a while, Roxxxi looks at the watch. - Oh! The next hour is about to begin! -

Off to the top and Bella is immobilized with a bondage tape until she returns. - "Where's Bella?" the teacher asks the cheeky Roxxxi. - "No idea!" - So "missing without excuse!" - Smile!

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