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Bound and bitgagged

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Elaine and a bitgag! - Rarely that our Bound-Girls really accept this gag for a shoot. - "Energy-Elaine" is guest for the third shoot and of course we want to challenge you again. So we got the right ropes and want to try the first chair bound. - Of course we ask Elaine to put on the bitgag for a test. - Wow! - It fits! - So we only have the request to be able to use this gag for the Chair-Bound. - Very nice pics were created and after this shoot it was clear: That would be the right gag for Elaine! - The second thing we knew was that we would have to film this shoot. - Medial slowly from photo to film, but that still had to grow a bit and be prepared. - So after this series we had a lot of new ideas and of course for all of us further pics of our sweet Elaine. - We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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