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Grabbed an gagged - Akasha´s Nightmare!

  • 8:21 minutes
  • HDTV

Wasn't there someone in the house? -

Akasha is looking for the sound that came from the basement. - A fatal mistake! -

Moreover, she shouldn't have been so seductive in her lacquer skirt and high heels in search of the suspected intruder. -

He has now caught her in the hallway and takes you down ropes. She is gagged by the Boundmaster with a red ballgag. - Fast and effective. -

But he's not a monster. After entering the room, he removes the ballgag and places a red bandana deep between your lips. -

She is delivered to him and of course tries to free herself somehow at any time. -

But her attempts are interrupted when she gets a new gag. -

It should have been with a big black ballgag. The Boundmaster has prepared his captive for the desired recordings. -

Help for you doesn't seem in sight ...

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