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Hard-Bound for Jess

  • 11:20 minutes
  • HDTV

Jess returns from a business-appointment. - So now off to the hotel, and relax. -

Oh yes, the postman! -

But that was it now and I want my rest! - Time for me! -

The package is emptied and Jess reveals some little secrets. -

Scarves, handcuffs, SM-utensils and ropes. Special gags complete the package. Well that's a mysterious post. -

Look, there are also a few magazines. - Should be sufficient for browsing and dreaming. -

Opps a nightmare! -

Jess is gagged by a stranger with a bandana and fights in her bonds. It is embellished by high boots and a cute lacquer skirt. The tight hogtied loosens a bit and Jess takes your only chance. -

But does she really want to escape the dream?

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