Lace and chains for Sonja - Part One

  • 6:32 minutes
  • HDTV

The Boundstudio has a new Bound-Girl as a guest. -

At the beginning everything seems to make a sensible impression on Sonja. -

She has put on a sharp lacquer fumble and the high heels fit perfectly. -

The photo-works starts, but somehow the guy is now immobilizing my legs. What shoud that? -

Why is he now putting chains on me and what is the cloth supposed to do? -

Well, dear Sonja ... - Just inform yourself beforehand which photographer you ran into here in the open arms. -

You can think about it now, but before that there is a bandana as a tight cleavegag for you. The matching collar is of course also available. -

Please, the Boundmaster has its next captive!

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