Lace-Girl Julie - Bound and gagged

  • 18:41 minutes
  • HDTV

A new Bound-Girl is a guest. -

The Boundstudio-project is thus continued. -

Julie welcomes us in high black boots and lets the Boundmaster put him in the first shackles. -

The shoes look really good and enrich the shoot immensely. - We continue with the ropes and Julie is in a very tasty position in a few minutes. -

In the next step, the Boundmaster will of course get his mandatory photos. - So far, Julie sees it easily and is only wondering what the photographer always hides from her. -

Of course, he tests how Julie behaves when she is given a ballgag. -

In the beginning she doesn't like that, but the gag is now placed and she won't get it anyway. -

So she does a good performance, hoping that she will get rid of the little uncomfortable ballgag quickly. - Think!

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