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Leather, gags and ropes

  • 14:54 minutes
  • HDTV

Jenna with a ballgag and then a blue bandana at the end. -

Those were the plans for our next shoot with her. -

Okay, let's go. Jenna dressed in black was bound a little more tightly. Then the Boundmaster put a small but effective ball in her mouth. -

Delicious to look at and Jenna was able to fight a bit in her bonds. These were reinforced a bit and somehow only the Boundmaster liked that.

At some point he also understood the uncomfortable ballgag, but didn't want his captive to call for help. -

So he swapped the ballgag for a dark bandana-gag and brought some relief to Jenna. -

However, he left the complete release of the ropes and the bandana to her and quickly disappeared.

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