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Not a Table-Dance!

  • 9:18 minutes
  • HDTV

Elaine on the Poledance-pole. -

She is not invited to dance here today because the Boundmaster is probably planning another event with her here. -

So that no questions arise, you will first receive a white bandana-gag. Then it is fixed to the pole. -

White ropes, a white gag and the slim body wrapped in black lacquer, that's how our first shoot begins. -

In the second part, Elaine prepares herself with a red ballgag. -

Shortly afterwards we see her again for pole dancing. -

It is of course fixed to the pole and can still position itself a little here. The red ball really stands out to you. -

Well, not a big dance number but a nice Boundstudio-project of the day.

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