Nurse Roxxxi and her unruly patient

  • 2:53 minutes
  • HDTV

Nurse Roxxxi is responsible for the ward today.

Quiet in the area is absolutely sacred to you and so you normally don't let patients dance around on your nose! -

After the newcomer Bella was added, it should stay that way! -

Bella saw it differently and still asked for her freedom. - Such a madhouse here! -

So Roxxxi had only to fix the little stubborn Bella. A cleave gag quickly ensures calm and the carefully prepared syringe is used. - What a bitch! -

Well, now it is done and Roxxxi can make your entries in the diary in peace. - "No incidents!" -

Inspired by the series "American Horror Story" and the song "Dominique" we let our Roxxxi and your cameraman run free. -

A funny idea and the first slideshow movie from the Boundstudio!

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