Roxxxi Manson immobile!

  • 3:42 minutes
  • HDTV

Now it's getting dark! -
Bella is back in the clinic today. -
Roxxxi is your favorite patient today and, despite all the medication, cannot be stopped. - According to the service regulations, the patients are entitled to daily access. - No problem for Bella! -
She puts your new Bound-Girl on the wheelchair and ensures a firm fixation. -
Chains and of course the daily dose of pharmaceuticals will prevent an escape. -
At this very moment there is a supervisory authority and wants to know whether everything is fine in the clinic. - Sure, Bella doesn't want to let truth out of Roxxxi's mouth. - She quickly stuffs the stubborn patient's mouth with a red ballgag. -
And it goes on .... The main thing is to get away from the many stupid questions from office!

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