Silent afternoon ...

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Oooh Akasha! -

She had to change her clothes! -

After all, it should also be a nice afternoon. -

She will not go out with the beautiful boots and your dress made of black lacquer and deep neckline should rather only be reserved for the Boundmaster on this day! -

Tied to the chair with just a few ropes is a tempting invitation. -

Of course, the Boundmaster only has his pictures in mind, so you can lure your charms in vain. - He won't let her go anyway! -

Stop, an important accessory is still missing! -

A black cleave-gag, deeply placed! Before she can get rid of it, she receives a red ball as a second gag. In addition, more cuffs are put on her. -

Now everything fits for the required recordings and Akasha's Nightmare is in the next few hours.

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