Silent afternoon

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Oha Akasha! - A new dress, because the Boundmaster wanted it that way! -

After all, it should also be a nice afternoon. She will not go out with the beautiful boots and your dress made of black lacquer and deep neckline should rather only be reserved for the Boundmaster on this day! -

Tied to the chair with just a few ropes is a tempting invitation. -

Of course, the Boundmaster only has his pictures in mind, so you can lure your charms in vain. - He won't let her go anyway! -

Stop, an important accessory is still missing! -

A black cleavegag, deeply placed! Before she can get rid of it, she receives a red ball as a second gag. In addition, more cuffs are put on her. -

Now everything fits for the required recordings and Akasha's Nightmare is in the next few hours.

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