Sweet Jemma b&g

  • 20:30 minutes
  • HDTV

Part 1 - Jemma in black - Bound-Girl Jemma is put in a little black patent jacket and tied in a new position for this shoot. - Your hands were fixed to the ceiling with another rope and little by little we made the little mouse unable to move. - Yep, Jemma can stay a little longer in this position! - And there was something special for your little mouth to ensure calm on the set. - She gets a pink ballgag, which suits her extremely well. - And of course now lets you fall silent.
Part 2 - Jemma and a tight tape-gag! - Jemma is still our little captive! - But, we made it a little more comfortable for you. - Your hands are now fixed forward and the somewhat uncomfortable ballgag was exchanged for a tight-fitting bondage-tape. - It was now very tight between your lips and our little Bound-Girl could maybe call for help! - It would be worth a try ...
Part 3 - A double-gag for the Bound-Girl Jemma. - Jemma is still in bondage and we are thinking a little bit about connecting today's shoot. - A blue bandana will be your first gag. - It sits tight and so our Jemma can squirm on your ropes for a few minutes. - To end your shoot today in the Boundstudio, we gave Jemma another bandana. This is tied tightly over the first gag and so we can happily leave the little mouse behind ...

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