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Tape-Tied and various gagged - Part One

  • 16:31 minutes
  • HDTV

After the naked hogtied it continues with Sonja. - Of course, the Boundmaster has no great ambition to let her go again. - "What is that with the tape? What are you up to?" Sonja asks the Boundmaster. - You will quickly notice how the tape is placed around your hands and feet. And it pretty quickly limits your freedom of movement. - Time for the tapegag! - A black strip of tape is placed over your mouth and closes it for a while. - So that it stays that way there is another tape! - Effective and mean! - At last the guy releases the tape. Thank you! - But only for an effective big ballgag. Thank you very much! - He now also fixes the ball with silver tape so that Sonja can hardly make a sound. She can still moan, should be enough. - This is what a real captive looks like and also brought to rest!

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