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The first Floor-Bound of LiLu Natilova

  • 16:57 minutes
  • HDTV

LiLu in a Nightmare-Bondage! - Shortly after you entered your apartment, the situation seemed a bit strange. Before she could leave the room, a stranger overwhelmed her. The Boundmaster had been in view for a long time and could finally try out his fantasies with her. - When she wakes up there is a knotted cloth in your sweet mouth and a fixation on the chair follows next. Your battle on the ropes can begin! - The Boundmaster frees you from your drooling gag after a while. - Of course, he can't let LiLu call for help. Therefore, a black cleavegag is quickly at hand as a replacement. Placed deep in the mouth is finally quiet with LiLu's whimper. Your bonds are tightened a bit and the Boundmaster leaves you helpless for his fun.

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