Two hot girls on the second floor

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That was an experience… - TKBaby with your "Boss" Shinyaline as a guest for the first shoot in the Boundstudio! - At the beginning of the photo-gallery, the two wrapped themselves in hot outfits and really hot, high boots. - A well-known location in MD for this was the famous "icing on the cake". - Shortly afterwards, a city-tour came outside, where we knew some people. - So we could go on calmly. Then the door opened in the hall. Another strange situation. - Due to a gastronomic delivery a few days ago, by chance to this address, we came to a solution after the greeting and were able to continue shooting in the hallway. - More pictures of this shoot are still provided in the ModelsByEast-Area. - The day remains with us in these funny situations and, of course, our hot lacquer girls in beautiful memories!

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