Waiting for a bad guy

  • 17:27 minutes
  • HDTV

That can not be true! -

First the guy orders little Sonja to a fairly distant area. Then she looks really pretty in black lacquer and boots. -

The crowning glory: the guy is not at home. Wait for the Sonja! -

The neighbor saw little Sonja and of course he is very interested in keeping you in the house. -

The invitation was perfect and Sonja is to blame if she likes to go on blind dates along the way. -

Tied to the stairs and visually enhanced with a white, extra-knotted cleavegag, she slowly wakes up again. -

The cleavegag is exchanged and Sonja now holds other ropes with his feet on the stairs. -

Yes, that was it with the blind-date and a nice evening. - For Sonja ... not for the Boundstudio!

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