You wan´t to steal my bike?

  • 2:45 minutes
  • HDTV

Riding a motorcycle is Elaine's secret passion. -

Of course, she doesn't want to spend money on it, so she starts looking for a suitable machine.

At the Bikers-Club next door she quickly found what she was looking for and, lo and behold, the boss's motorcycle was parked in front of the door. -

Ignition keys are all ready for the dream. -

While our Elaine is still trying out the machine, the boss noticed her robbery. -

Who set a trap for whom? - With one swing Elaine gets you off the bike and brings her to the club. -

After your fixation on the poledance-pole, your mouth is closed with a white bandana. - Elaine as her new victim. -

Let the games Begin ...

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